10 People in Your Life Who Could Use Door Codes

You can’t always be there when you need to let someone in your home. With the Building 36 system and a smart lock from brands you trust like Yale and Kwikset you can use your phone to monitor who is coming and going. Below are ten people that could use a door code.

1.     Kids

Giving the children a unique user codes lets you know they’ll never be locked out and you’ll always know when they arrive home and at what time. This has been very popular for making sure the kids are home from school on time, to making sure they make it home by curfew at night! We can’t promise that the teenagers love this one as much, though. 

2.     Partner

Giving your partner a separate user code from the kids helps you know who is home and who isn’t. It keeps things organized and is a friendly reminder throughout the day of where everyone is. 

3.     Babysitter

The babysitter is taking care of your kids and its good to know they have access to the home when they need it.  You’ll know when they arrive and If they take the kids out to play you can make sure they don’t get locked out by accident. 


4.     Dog Walker (hourly code)

You can create door codes that only work during specific time frames on specific days of the week so your dog walker stays on schedule and can only access your home during those set periods. 

5.     Cleaner

For those of us who have cleaners, a passcode is a much better alternative than leaving a key under the door mat. You can know when they arrived, and you’ll always be able to lock the door remotely in case they forgot on their way out.

6.     Close Neighbor

It’s handy for a close neighbor to check on your house while you’re away. Give them a unique user code so you know when they access your home. 

7.     Parents/In-laws

Let’s face it, parents and in-laws are going to stop by unexpectedly whether we like it or not. You can either give them a user code or have them call when they arrive so you can unlock the door yourself—we all have our own opinions on this one!

8.     Service Providers for Maintenance (temporary password)

When your house needs to be serviced for repairs it’s not easy to take work off last minute. By granting the technician or service provider a temporary access code they’ll be able to let themselves in that day with a code that will expire after the appointment.

9.     Vacation Home Renters (temporary password)

Giving renters a key to your home can be a bit nerve racking without knowing if a copy of the key has been made. Our customers love the peace of mind knowing each set of renters has a temporary password that expired after their stay, so they know their home is protected. 

10.  Remote lock & unlock

When in doubt, you don’t even need a door code. Simply unlock your door straight from your smartphone!