8 Places to put a Smart Energy Switch or a Heavy Duty Smart Switch

A smart energy switch gives you access to things in your home that use energy. You can monitor energy usage or know if something malfunctions and shuts down and always know what is going on in your home. Below are some places to plug in a Smart Energy Switch (SES) or a Heavy Duty Smart Switch (HDSS) to monitor your electronics.


Cable Box and Entertainment System
It may not seem it but your cable box uses a lot of power. The cable box alone can cost $10 per month in energy and turning it off doesn’t stop it from using power. Using an SES you can cut the power to the cable box when no one is home so it stops using unnecessary energy.

Kid’s Video Game Console

It’s a school night but the kids may be tempted to say up until 2 in the morning playing video games. If you plug their Xbox, Playstation or other console into a Smart Energy Switch you can make sure it stays off when it needs to.


Benefits of Smart LightsLamps
Control your lamps and lights right from your smartphone! You can schedule them to turn off while no one is home during the day and you can see how much energy they are using.


Sump Pump
When you plug a sump pump into a Heavy Duty Smart Switch and plan a water sensor at the top of the basin your system will let you know if your sump pump malfunctions or fails right when it happens so you can take care of it immediately.


Hot Water Heater
If you plug an HSDD into your water heater you can make sure that it is operating normally.


Air Conditioner Condenser
If you plug an HSDD into your AC Condenser you can make sure that it is operating normally and know when it is not.




You can learn if your appliances break right away with a notification from your system by using an HDSS.


It is a huge pain when a fridge dies and if you are gone all day its too late to do anything by the time you get home. Use an HDSS to keep an eye on your fridge even when you are not home.