7 Features of the Intelligent Thermostat

The Building 36 Intelligent Thermostat is more than a thermostat. It is an energy saving, comfort maximizing device that you can access even when you aren’t in your home. Here are seven features of the Intelligent Thermostat that goes beyond your typical thermostat.

1. Extreme Temperature Alerts

When an area of your house gets too hot or too cold, your system will send you a text message alert. This lets you know if, for example, your house gets cold enough for the pipes to freeze.

2. Custom Schedules

Custom schedules are a great way to maximize comfort in your home. Custom schedules also help you save on costly energy bills. Homeowners can save 12-16% on their energy costs by programing schedules into their thermostat.

3. Geo Services

When you leave your home to go to work or run an errand you home will recognize when you leave via the GPS in your phone and it will adjust the temperature accordingly.

4. Remote Control and Access (App/ Smartphone)

It doesn’t matter if you are in your living room or across the globe. You can still control the temperature of your home with your smartphone, tablet and computer.

5. Change Alert Notifications
If someone in your home cranks the temperature up too high or too low, you will be alerted and you can adjust it back to normal.

6. Fan Controls

Keep the fan circulating air when the system is off so the air in your house stays fresh. Schedule your fans to run as much as you want during the hour.


Do you rent your vacation home? You can lock your thermostat to ensure that your tenants don’t accidentally turn off your system and cause damage.