5 Benefits of Smart Lights

1. Have the smartest house on the block.

Be the envy of your neighbors with smart lights that you can switch on or off and even dim from your phone.

2. Come home to a well light house using Geo-Services.

With Geo-Services, your house will light your house up before you even get into the driving so you never have to walk into a dark house.

3. Turn the lights on when the sun goes down or on when the sun comes up so you are never in the dark.

Your house will be in tune with with the natural light of the sun.

4. Use schedules to make sure lights aren’t on when no one is home.

Leaving for work everyday at 8? Let your house know with schedules so it can hit the lights automatically for you on your way out.

5. Never waste energy on lights that don’t need to be by turning them on or off via your smartphone, tablet and computer.

With our app, Home by Building 36 you have total access to your smart lights no matter where you are.