Habits to Help You Save on Energy

It always seems like we are looking for new ways to save around the home, especially when it comes to saving on utilities. There are a few easy ways to save on energy just by developing some good habits.



1. Unplug your phone, laptop and tablet chargers when you aren’t using them.

These adapters use energy when nothing is plugged into them. Make sure when you remove your device from the cable to take the extra step of unplugging the whole cable and adapter when your device finishes charging.


2. Devices like your cable box consume more energy than you think, even when it’s turned off

Make sure to cut the power to these devices when you are not home or going to bed so they don’t waste any extra power.


3. Shut your TV off.

Replace 30 minutes TV watching with reading or going for a walk. These minutes of saved energy will add up in the long run.


4. Avoid opening the refrigerator when you are unsure of what you are hungry for.

Opening the fridge constantly lets all the cold air out and forces the appliance to kick on unnecessarily and use more energy trying to return it to temperature. The same logic can be applied when using the oven. Use the oven light to check on food instead of opening the door so heat doesn’t escape.


Things even as simple as remembering to shut off the lights greatly affect the energy your home consumes. If you are looking for more ways to save, measure the success of these habits and get a total breakdown of your energy usage with a Home Energy Meter click here.