Access Solutions by Building 36


The Door/Window Sensor attaches to a door, window, or any other object in your home to monitor its access and alerts you instantly if it was opened or was left open. The small device is battery powered and blends right in with your home décor for a discreet, intelligent upgrade to any area of home.



Custom Automation

Conveniently automate your sensor with custom rules and triggers of your choice. Trigger other connected devices at home interact with your sensor – so you can have the lights turn on as soon as the door opens. You can set a rule to receive an alert instantly when the sensor is triggered so you’ll know right away if a window was accessed. You can also receive an alert if the area has been left opened for a specified amount of time – so you can know if the refrigerator has been open for 5 minutes rather than receiving an alert every time it was opened.



Receive real-time text or email alerts that help you keep an eye on your home at all times. These notifications can let you know instantly if the liquor cabinet was accessed, if a basement window was left open, or simply inform you that the kids went out the back door to play.


Interactive Monitoring

Door/Window Sensors monitor areas of your home and give you peace of mind knowing you’ll be the first to know of suspicious or unwanted activity. With custom notifications you’ll stay informed of only the things you care about for a particular sensor.