Air Solutions by Building 36

IR Remote

Control your existing ductless mini-split from anywhere in the world and enjoy the benefits of our smart home platform. The Remotec IR Remote connects to your unit and gives it the smart controls you need to keep you in control, help you save energy, and keep your family comfortable.



Remote Access And Control

Change the temperature, edit schedules, and check-in on the comfort level at home from anywhere at any time using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Custom Automation

Custom heat and cool schedules adjust your mini-split during certain times and days that fit your lifestyle. You can also use Geo-Services to automate the temperature to adjust when you leave home to save energy or when you are arriving home to stay comfortable.



Avoid costly damages caused from extreme temperatures by receiving a text or email alert instantly when the IR Remote reports unusually high or low temperatures so you can act quickly.


Interactive Monitoring

Monitoring the temperature of your home gives you instant alerts that help you identify system issues early or adjust the temperature to prevent frozen pipes, mold, and other consequences caused from extreme temperatures.