Air Solutions by Building 36

Temperature Sensor

With wireless temperature sensors, the Intelligent Thermostat delivers precision comfort to the rooms where you spend your time, not just where the thermostat happens to be. Simply place these subtle devices around your home, and optimize your home’s temperature for comfort in specific rooms.


Remote Access and Control

Check-in at home anytime from your smartphone, tablet, or computer to see the temperature of your sensor.


Custom Automation

Place one or multiple Temperature Sensors around your home and you can specify which sensor commands the thermostat.  Schedule your thermostat to adjust the temperature based on your living room sensor during the day and your bedroom sensor at night for complete comfort.



Avoid costly damage caused from extreme temperatures by receiving a text or email alert instantly when the Sensor reports unusually high or low temperatures so you can act quickly.


Interactive Monitoring

Monitoring the temperature of certain areas at home gives you instant alerts that help you identify system issues early or adjust the temperature to prevent frozen pipes, mold, and other consequences caused from extreme temperatures.