Energy Solutions by Building 36


Saving money and energy is only possible if we know how much we are using and when we are using it. The Home Energy Meter is installed in your electrical panel and monitors the total consumption of electricity used by your whole home so you can understand how much you’re using and when you’re using it. You can also have the meter monitor individual circuits.



Remote Access and Control

Check on your home’s energy usage from anywhere at any time using your smartphone, tablet, or computer and see a complete energy breakdown in real time.


Custom Automation

Create custom energy saving goals for your home and see a dashboard of your progress. You can even learn how your total consumption of electricity changes over time. 



Receive daily text or email notifications to let you know how much energy you’re using and what it costs you. You can even receive an alert if you’re at risk of exceeding your projected monthly energy budget and learn how much you have left to stay on track.


Interactive Monitoring

We wouldn’t pay our other bills without seeing a breakdown, your energy bill shouldn’t be any different. The intelligent clamps report energy usage in watts or kilowatt-hours and in real time so you can finally see a complete breakdown of where you’re using energy, when you’re using it, and learn how much it costs you.