Water Solutions by Building 36

Sump Pump Monitor

Every year homeowners have sump pumps that fail because the pump was broken or malfunctioned when they needed it most. Our sump pump monitoring solution, consisting of a Water Sensor and Heavy Duty Smart Switch, alerts you instantly of critical issues so you can prevent costly damage caused from your sump pump not working.


Remote Access and Control

Check your sump pump status from your smartphone, tablet, and computer anytime, anywhere.



Receive a text or email alert instantly if your sump pump has a critical issue, or has lost power. This type of notice gives you time to fix the problem immediately and make sure your sump pump is working properly.


Interactive Monitoring

Sump pump monitoring keeps your home running the way it should and helps prevent costly damage. Our advanced technology can alert you of possible issues, critical issues, and power loss to your sump pump.