Water Solutions by Building 36

Water Sensor

Water damage can cost thousands if preventative solutions aren’t in place. The Building36 Water Sensor detects leaks and alerts you instantly so you can act quickly or even have your home’s water supply shut off automatically to prevent flooding.


Remote Access and Control

Check-in at home anytime from your smartphone, tablet, or computer to see if your Water Sensor has been activated.


Custom Automation

Have your home’s water supply shut off automatically to prevent flooding as soon as a leak has been detected. The Water Sensor will trigger your Water Shut-Off Controller to make the switch instantly.



Receive a text or email alert instantly if a leak has been detected at home so you can act quickly to prevent water damage.


Interactive Monitoring

Water Sensors can be placed in multiple high-risk areas around your home to detect leaks behind toilets, washing machines, water heaters, and anywhere else you’d like so that you’re alerted instantly.